Report on the YC4PV Inaugural Meeting

The inaugural meeting of Young Conservatives For A People’s Vote – was held on the Thursday 30th of August, 2018, and we are very happy to report that is was a great success.

Attended by leading young campaigners from various groups, it saw the formalisation of the steering committee for YC4PV, as the youth wing of the #C4PV campaign, and we agreed on its founding aims and principles.

Following a briefing on the plans and message of the national campaign, we had an open discussion of how we could best contribute to this by engaging and motivating other young people to support the campaign for a ‘People’s Vote’ on the final deal.

We set out our goals and message, clearly and concisely. We agreed that we had to transcend the old Remain/Leave lines of the 2016 EU Referendum, and promote the fact that democracy keeps moving forward, and dismiss notions of it being static. Following the referendum, so much more has come to light which we did not know before, and it is our belief that every citizen deserves to get a final say based on what we know now about the possibilities of our future relationship with the EU, regardless of how anyone voted in 2016.

We also put forward our belief that future generations should continue to have the freedom and flexibility to work and study throughout Europe.

We encourage all those who share our belief that young people in the UK should have a say on what will affect them more than older generations to become involved in our movement. It is our future that is being negotiated, so let us play our part in shaping it.

This group is to be open to anyone under the age of 30, regardless of whether they are party members or not. We are already well-established on Twitter and plan to set up other media channels soon. Please get in touch if you want to be involved – and sign up to join us!

Thank you for reading,

The YC4PV Committee

(Charley, Daian, Ed, Ivan, Izabella, Liam and Rebecca)