Our Campaign

Conservatives for a People’s Vote is a campaign that asks our MPs to address the most pertinent issue of our day – Brexit and the future of our relationship with the European Union – by being honest about where we are now and where we are going.

Our MPs should recognise that the 2016 EU referendum has left parliament, the party and the people divided.

In every seat in the land, MPs are torn between competing calls from activists, members and voters, and they know that any decision they take will go against the wishes of a significant proportion of their own voters.

There are passionate and genuine views held by all sides on the most important issue in a generation, but there is no path to a clear resolution between them. There is also a danger that it is those who shout loudest, and not the silent majority, whose voices are heard.

We need to admit that while Brexit raised the hopes of many people, it is not working out as promised – and that a Brexit that satisfies even a bare majority of the British people remains elusive.

The Looming Deadlock

  • Theresa May’s valiant attempt to get compromise with the Chequers deal has not brought the unity hoped for. Opinion polls show that it is supported by only around a quarter of the electorate at best.
  • Any backroom deal, forced through by the whips and backed by a tiny majority in the Commons, despite overwhelming voter disapproval, will not be robust enough to survive the test of an election.
  • Parliament is failing to identify a way through this and is likely to be in deadlock before year-end, with no majority for any compromise that will come back from Brussels, let alone a No-deal Brexit or remaining in the EU.

The Right Way Forward

We need to break this deadlock and move the country forward. The right way for the country, the smart way for the Party and the democratic way for our nation is to put the Final Say back to the British people.

We were prepared to trust the electorate with the vital question of whether, in principle, they wanted to go down the route of leaving the EU – it is now time to trust them with choosing their destination.