Letter to Jo Johnson

Dear Jo,

I’m writing on behalf of Conservatives For A People’s Vote, the only group of Tory members and voters dedicated to campaigning for a People’s Vote.

We are deeply grateful to you for putting your country before your career. You have our unequivocal support.

The facts you set out and the sentiments you express in your resignation letter are absolutely spot-on. The party has driven itself into a cul-de-sac, just as it did over the Corn Laws, appeasement and the poll tax. Now, just as then, it is the MPs who speak for Britain who will ultimately triumph.

The Brexit we’re ending up with is a disaster for the country and betrays the pro-business, internationalist, rule-of-law, pro-Union foundations which have underpinned Conservative philosophy for centuries.

It is our duty to restore the party to the outward-looking, moderate and positive force which led us to victory under Churchill, Thatcher and Major.

We invite you to join us and work with us in our activities with members of the voluntary party and Tory voters. Our numbers are growing daily and we are right behind you.

Simon Allison
Conservatives for a People’s Vote