C4PV – A New Campaign For Giving The People A Say On Britain’s Future In Europe

Welcome to the new C4PV campaign!

We are delighted that you have found us and we hope that you will join us to spread our message that the people of Britain deserve a final say on whether the reality of Brexit reflects their wishes for change in our relationship with Europe.

While government interpreted the 2016 Referendum as a clear mandate for leaving the EU, it has not been able to obtain any consensus on what our future relationship with the EU should look like. On the contrary, competing visions on the implementation of Brexit have left the country and party divided with no clear majority for any of the visions being offered:

  • The ERG and its allies on the hard left seek a No Deal Brexit, which would decimate several sectors of the British economy. Even its proponents admit that it would take decades to recover from this – a fact that means a loss of mandate from those who voted Leave for economic reasons.
  • The supporters of the Chequers proposal or EFTA-like options are criticised by both those seeking a hard Brexit as well as those who believe that staying in the EU is in our best interests on the basis that is means a total loss of influence – the opposite of “Taking Back Control”.
  • Those seeking to stay in the EU argue that it is the option that already presents the best compromise – being in our economic interests and allowing Britain to continue to have a leading say in EU matters, yet lacking a majority mandate in 2016.

We believe that everyone has to admit that these 3 basic positions are irreconcilable, and that we cannot go ahead with one or the other without the informed consent of the electorate.

Moreover, whilst surveys indicate public opinion has shifted, only one poll can give us a truly accurate picture: a vote that lets the people say whether the Brexit being presented now meets their wishes.

We call on all conservatives to support us in the campaign for a People’s Vote on Brexit. Please sign up as a registered supporter or donate what you can to help us realise our campaign.

A placard at the People’s Vote march in London on June 23, 2018. Photo credit: Jonathan Grosvenor