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Conservatives for a People’s Vote is made up of current and former MPs, MEPs, peers, political activists, party members and voters, all of whom believe that a #PeoplesVote is the best and ultimately the only legitimate way to resolve the Brexit crisis.

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Why do we support a People’s Vote?

Most of us generally oppose the holding of plebiscites. We believe in the British system of representative democracy which has prevailed in the UK for hundreds of years, whereby MPs act in the interest of the country, putting it before their personal careers, their loyalty to a party machine or slavish obedience to vague election or referendum promises.

Today, many of our MPs feel unable to fulfill that role. They can see the problems of a hard Brexit, the threats to the unity of our Kingdom, the dangers it poses to our economy and our defences and the likelihood that it will hit the poorest in our society worst.

However, trapped between calls for a hard Brexit from one side and for no Brexit from the other, they find themselves in a situation where they know that any attempts at compromise are doomed to anger all sides.

As Conservatives for a People’s Vote, we believe that giving people a Final Say on the deal with the EU is the most democratic and fair way to break through this polarisation and avoid years more of Parliamentary Civil War, whilst all the UK’s other problems are cast aside in its wake.

There is no way to judge the “Will of the People” on the most important decision of their lives without asking whether they accept Brexit’s destination rather than just its departure point.