Will You Join Our Campaign For A People’s Vote?

Conservatives for a People’s Vote is a campaign to save our country and the Conservative Party from the deadlock and division caused by the 2016 EU referendum.


Our Campaign

Conservatives for a People’s Vote is a campaign that asks our MPs to address the most pertinent issue of our day – Brexit and the future of our relationship with the European Union – by being honest about where we are now and where we are going. Continue reading “Our Campaign”

About Us

Conservatives for a People’s Vote is made up of current and former MPs, MEPs, peers, political activists, party members and voters, all of whom believe that a #PeoplesVote is the best and ultimately the only legitimate way to resolve the Brexit crisis.
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Join Us

Whether you are a Conservative MP, councillor, party member or centre-right voter, we cordially invite you to join our campaign for a new vote on Britain’s future relationship with the rest of Europe. Continue reading “Join Us”


Our campaign is entirely driven by donations. To be able to carry out our work, we require funding for both on-going running cost and one-off costs to finance specific projects. Any support for this would be much appreciated. Continue reading “Donate”